Flagpole Beacon Warranty

  1. The Flag Company, Inc. warrants the Flagpole Beacon (U.S. Patent #7,275,495) against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment.

  2. Inspect the Flagpole Beacon immediately upon delivery. ANY DAMAGE must be noted on a Bill of Lading or a Freight Claim will not be allowed and warranty will be voided.

  3. All unpacking and installation instructions must be followed.

  4. Any incorrect installation and/or use VOIDS this warranty.

  5. Installation must be performed by a qualified electrician and all wiring must comply with state and local codes. Non-compliance voids the warranty.

  6. Materials warranty does not include any damage resulting from flying a flag larger than recommended by National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM).

  7. Materials warranty does not include conditions brought on by high winds, tornadoes, and/or hurricanes and tropical storms, heavy snows or any other condition of nature or situations not in compliance with standard flag-flying regulations.

  8. Materials warranty does not include conditions brought on by accident, collision, vandalism or any other incidental and/or willful act by others.

  9. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, on bulbs for this product. All Flagpole Beacons are tested for vibration immediately prior to shipment. All Flagpole Beacons are tested for illumination prior to shipment. To change bulbs, follow enclosed instructions.

  10. The Flagpole Beacon is sealed with security screws. Do not accept if screws are not intact. Do not tamper with sealed screws. Tampering voids all warranty.

  11. Use of any transformer or any other part not purchased with the Flagpole Beacon and not purchased from The Flag Company, Inc. voids all warranty.

  12. The Flag Company, Inc. warrants to repair or replace, at its option, any equipment which fails due to defect in material or workmanship within one year from date of shipment, unless failure is due to improper installation, misapplication or tampering with product, to include disassembly or replacing bulbs with non-specified bulbs.

  13. This guarantee is limited to repair or replacement on the material involved and does not include reimbursement for the expense of installation, removal of equipment, transportation or any other expense, which may be incurred.

  14. Authorization must be obtained from The Flag Company, Inc. before any material is returned. Return, repair, or replacement of material without prior approval from The Flag Company, Inc. voids the warranty.

  15. In no case are goods to be returned without prior written consent from The Flag Company, Inc. Only unused material as currently manufactured, which has been invoiced to Buyer, within 90 days of order, will be considered for return. Material accepted for credit is subject to a minimum service charge of 25% plus all transportation charges. Material built to order will not be returned for credit under any circumstances. Goods must be securely packaged to reach The Flag Company, Inc. without damage.


This product has been inspected prior to shipment. This product passed all tests for operation. We recommend a certified electrician install the Flagpole Beacon according to the instructions provided in this package. If any problems are encountered during installation, please call 800-962-0956.
We also recommend that you review all warranty information on the Flagpole Beacon. All warranty and installation information is included in this package.
Patented Product: Any and all tampering of any kind VOIDS the warranty. Any attempt to open, modify, remove or otherwise alter the Flagpole Beacon VOIDS the warranty.


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US Patent 7,275,495